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NEW in our practice! THE BEMER therapy
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Strengthening the immune system

BEMER treatment increases the responsiveness of white blood cells by improving microcirculation. This allows them to take quick action against external health threats. On this basis, the entire immune system is able to protect the body better and more effectively in the event of infections or exposure to stress or damaging environmental factors and especially after operations.

The body's own self-healing processes

Natural physical regulation mechanisms always ensure optimal adaptation to changes in our living space (temperature, water, air, food). This ensures the best possible function of our organism at all times. This also means that if these regulatory processes are overloaded after a successful operation, the body itself tries to return to its natural balance. The BEMER treatment supports these activities (healthy process) of our body by improving the working conditions of all the cells involved - because improved microcirculation is the basic prerequisite for this.

Accelerated healing of wounds and injuries

Wound healing consists of a sequence of different processes in the body. First, the tissue (cell clusters) destroyed by the injury must be dissolved and removed. Only then can new, healthy tissue be formed in their place. This means maximum performance of all cells involved in these processes. In order to be able to achieve this, the cells must be optimally supplied and disposed of, which is only guaranteed by well-functioning microcirculation in the relevant areas. The BEMER treatment ensures optimal microcirculation and thus supports the performance of the cells. The result: quick and safe wound healing.

In addition, the dose of prescribed medication can be reduced, thereby minimizing possible side effects.

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