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What is Pilates?


“In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference,
in 20 you'll see the difference
and in 30 you’ll have a new body”.
Joseph H. Pilates

PILATES is a gentle but extremely effective training method for the body and also the mind - a systematic physical training, invented and developed by Joseph H. Pilates. Individual muscles or muscle groups are specifically activated, relaxed or stretched. It is not the quantity but the quality of the PILATES exercises that counts and breathing is coordinated with the movements.

Particular attention is paid to the core of the body. Training the deep muscles in the pelvis and waist improves mobility. This allows the pelvis and shoulder area to be twisted against each other even more freely. By activating this powerhouse, the waist and hips become slimmer - as a side effect, so to speak. Pilates gets muscles and joints going again without putting strain on them.

Anyone who trains PILATES will soon change their movement and posture habits and take the training into their everyday lives. Many of the PILATES exercises can also be used effectively during normal daily activities or other sports. People who train PILATES appear taller, more upright, calmer and slimmer - simply more natural.

Pilates - training on the mat or on the machine?

Pilates training is based on 6 principles that ensure that the training is effective and successful: 

  1. Centering 

  2. Concentration 

  3. Accuracy 

  4. Control 

  5. Flow

  6. breathing

In Pilates classes you learn to apply these principles and after a few hours your body has remembered how to do it correctly. 

The devices are used for specific, individual training and help to test the body while playing with gravity under supervision. But Pilates on the mat is also an effective full-body workout.

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