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Competence and many years of experience

This is a private practice. As an experienced physical therapist for manual therapy, I continually develop and deepen my knowledge and skills through regular internal and external training.

Personal and individual support

At the beginning of the physiotherapeutic or manual therapy treatment there is always a detailed assessment of the findings and the filtering out of the cause of the patient's problem. Together we will discuss the causes of your symptoms and develop a treatment plan with you to restore your freedom from symptoms and your health.

Your therapy is supported by an individually tailored exercise program for at home, which is tailored to the symptoms and the treatment goal. This exercise program will be developed together with you during the therapy.

We will help you restore your health

Using physiotherapeutic (therapeutic) treatment techniques, we treat illnesses, abnormal developments, the consequences of injuries and functional disorders of the posture and movement organs, as well as the internal organs and the nervous system. Mobilizing and stabilizing exercises and techniques regulate muscle tone and support function and strengthening in cases of muscle insufficiency and imbalances.

This relieves pain, promotes mobility and restores your overall physical and mental well-being:

  • after accidents with injuries to tendons and ligaments or broken bones. We treat these following surgical treatment or after non-operative (conservative) treatment, e.g. rotator cuff suture (shoulder), cruciate ligament suture/meniscus suture (knee), Achilles tendon suture, impingement (shoulder), tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, whiplash

  • after joint replacement (endoprostheses), e.g. artificial shoulder, hip and knee joints

  • after spinal operations, e.g. intervertebral disc surgery, spinal canal stenosis surgery, intervertebral disc prostheses, spinal stiffening

Time for your health

We are there for you if you have any complaints or want to prevent them in good time.

Our therapy puts the patient and their needs at the center of all measures. We take the time necessary to find and apply the ideal treatment method - time for your health.

With us, a therapy session lasts 60 minutes.

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