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Joy is our trained yoga teacher, she has completed her training with  500-hour RYT as a certified yoga teacher and is currently doing a prenatal YYT.


Joy  teaches Ashtanga and Yin Yoga in practice. 

More information about JOY here:

What does Ashtanga Yoga do?
When practiced correctly and regularly, Ashtanga Yoga promotes both flexibility and strength. Endurance and sense of balance are improved. Tension and pain in the back and shoulders can be relieved. Physical imbalance and one-sidedness can be compensated for.
What does YIN Yoga do?
Yin yoga is a meditative approach to our inner life with a simultaneous focus on our own anatomy. In theYin yoga-Practice looks man very intensely within yourself, man surrenders to his emotions, which man can learn a lot about yourself.
Yoga courses currently take place on Wednesday afternoons. Please contact us for further information and to register for a course.
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